Thursday, November 29, 2007

Psycho Fan Expectations

I'm sick of it.

I read a LOT about sports. I read many articles discussing everything from Tennis to College Football to Track and Field. Most of what I read is college football, and I get dissappointed from time to time when I read an article and Arkansas (MY TEAM) doesn't get any attention alongside the competition.

We recently lost Houston Nutt. All signs point to him being fired and allowed to go out looking good and with his pockets lined by the stupidest University Official, Chancellor John White, who is a good Chancellor, but he needs to stay out of the athletic program. Members of the national media are saying that the reason he is gone, and the reason why a coach wouldn't want to come to Arkansas is because our fan base has ridiculous expectations.

I wish they would label it properly as SOME of our fan base has ridiculous expectations. A call went up throughout the Razorback nation before the North Texas game that if you thought Nutt should be gone, you should wear black to the game... It looked pretty Cardinal to me. Out of 70,000 fans, maybe 2,000 were wearing black. There were banners flying at some games, but it's not like the members of the Razorback Foundation planned that. It was just some assholes on a message board.

So before people go around saying we have a psycho fan base without realistic expectations, look at it really. We do have some psycho fans, who have been given too much power in this day and age of the internet and FOIA requests to make their feelings known. But don't let anyone feed you this shit about our fans. Our fans have class and love for the team. Our fans have a respect for the past, and Houston will not be the one getting booed when Ole Miss comes to town next year. It will be the rebels who get booed.

Our fans did not cheer for the Mizzou Tigers last night, and they gave their all to help the razorbacks take a win over the tigers, but when Mike Anderson was introduced last night he got a 30 second standing ovation.

The Razorback Nation takes pride in their hogs, and we are all well aware of the massive improvement Houston was on the previous administration. If anyone can say that Houston was fired due to psycho fans with unrealistic expectation after the team just went 10-4 and 8-4 following two seasons of 5-6 and 4-7 they are blowing smoke right up your ass. If people want to say it was due to his off the field problems caused by himself, the coach he hired, and the players he recruited dealing with a small portion of the fan base that just wants to see passing, then you might have something. But otherwise, stay away from my team and my fellow fans.

WOO Pig Sooie!